Captains Report-

Eight members Attended The Canberra Queens – A great result and Club Record

A great result for the Club with a win in the Team Event THE TIVERTON 600 Metres 4 man Team Event 199-25. Back up win from last year.


TEAM – Matt.Dunc, Alex, Rob, Coach John








Duncan Davies won the Lead Up Shoot ‘The Rolph’ and secured 9th A Grade Badge in the Queens and 3rd in the Grand Agg and multiple Range Prizes. Member Tiverton Cup Team

Alex Davies A Star performance . Won his Second Queens badge in A grade No 21. Won the best U/25 Shooter in the Queens and the Grand Agg. Came Third on the last day of the Queens and won 600 Metres with a 50.7.Member of Tiverton Cup team



IMG_0695Alex Canberra







Matt Pozzebon another A Grade badge No 16. member of Tiverton Cup Team

John Maguire came 2nd in ‘The Rolph’ and 2nd in the Queens in C Grade and secured the Grand Agg win and had multiple Range Prizes. Coached Tiverton Cup team

IMG_0697Canberra 2015.JM










Rex Waite came 3rd in B Grade in Queens and won several range prizes. A great effort

Bob Phillips won a Range Prize with a 50.6. On the comeback trail and shot well

Al Matthews won a Range Prize 50.7. Returned to Canberra after a tramatic last encounter. Shot well

Peter Mitchell had several personal best scores and shot well.

We all had a Good time