About Us

West Wallsend hold competition shooting Saturdays at Cessnock Rifle Club Address20 Quorrobolong Rd, Cessnock NSW 2325

Starting at 1.00pm in Summer and 12.30 pm in Winter. Come along and join a club rich in tradition and a friendly atmosphere. Learn to shoot a rifle safely from highly qualified coaches.

Members compete in different classes over the same range at the same time. All shooting is from the PRONE position.

1.  Fullbore or Target rifle . Calibres 308 W (7.62mm), 223 R (5,56mm) and 303 only. Aperture sights only using sling support.

2. F Class Standard . Calibres 308 W (7.62mm), 223 R (5.56mm) and 303 only.Telescopic sight with bipod or rest support.

3. F Class Open . Any Calibre up to 8mm . Telescopic sights with bipod or rest support


West Wallsend members use bolt action rifles as specified above over Ranges from 300 , 500 , 600, 700, 800 and 900 yards.


West Wallsend Rifle Club is a Member of the NRAA ( National Rifle Association of Australia) and abides by NRAA Shooting Rules Version 2a ,effective from 8/7/2013 2013.http://www.nraa.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/SSRs-July-2013-vers

West Wallsend Rifle Club is a Member of the NSWRA (New South Wales Rifle Association) http://www.nswra.org.au/

West Wallsend Rifle Club is also a Member of the HVDRA ( Hunter Valley District Rifle Association)